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Road Transportation

Road TransportationIn organizing large scale transportation projects, Sealand Projects initially draws on its extensive information sources and routes to assess safety, cost promptness and then bring together qualified professionals to carry out the projects to its completion on time.

Growing trends for large scale haulage projects, call for specific trucks and trailers (low- bed, semi- low or modular hydraulic), engineering expertise and planning are inevitable. In view of our growing economy, Sealand Projects will continue to respond to such demands by creatively combining its trucks, specialised trailers and expertise to deliver and complete the transportation project safely, timely and to the satisfaction of its customers. In addition, Sealand Projects also assigns different modes of transport or specialized carriers for odd dimensional cargo.

Sealand Projects provides a variety of transportation management options for our clients, as we analyze all the carrier options, find the right price/ performance combination and execute consignments.



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